Cloud Server trial.
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Our Virtual Private Server trial is intended for testing purposes only. You will receive a basic Virtual Server configuration:

CPU: 2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon
Cores: 1
Processing Power: 2.4 GHz
Maximum Servers: 1
More CPU Cores: available
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 10 GB
Storage Grade: High-Availability SAN
Bandwidth: 500GB
Network: 10 Gigabit Public & Private Networks
Anti DDOS: yes
DDoS Protection: 10 Gigabit multi layer 4 Million packets per second for additional 99 CHF

How to get the VPS trial
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In order to get a Protected VPS for 1 week we kindly ask to share information about Cloudcom on your twitter, social network page or forum.

Cloudcom are glad to assist all Cloud trial applicants, however we ask to support our business on the web. You can post a link back to any of our pages or products.
What should I do when I've shared the information?
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Once you're done, kindly send back the link with your reference to Also you can order your FREE VPS trial as a client at our newcomer partnering low-priced DDoS Hosting, located in Europe - Anti DDoS Dedicated Hosting.

How long does it take to activate my server?
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Free Cloud Server is provided automatically once we've authorized your request. You will be provided access to your cloud server control panel where you will be able to choose from 200+ jumpbox templates with different OS configurations, etc. Also you will be provided OnApp application in order to control your server from mobile phone running on iOS or Android. Free ddos protection fighting attacks via UDP and TCP protocols 4 MPPS will be enabled for the trial server you've ordered.

What is allowed on the free trial?
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Please note that the free VPS server is intended for testing purposes only.
You are not allowed to use the VPS as proxy ddos protection service, or as any kind of business or money-making instrument. Any kind of resale, warez related content, Camfrog rooms, intense file transfer or sharing or any related activities are not allowed, including Cloudcom Terms of service.Cloudcom reserve a right to cancel any free server in case if suspected in activities preventing the free server service from functioning properly, meaning testing purposes only.Terms of Service Agreement

How long does the Free VPS run for?
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Your free Virtual Private Server will be active for a week, then after that it will be automatically disconnected, unless you are willing to continue using the Cloud server and fund your account balance by a credit card, PayPal or 2CO.

What OS can I install??
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You can install any OS you can think of. We have over 200 templates of different machines including but not limited to: CentOs, Debian, FreeBSD, RedHat Linux and many others.

Free DDoS Protection
  • Dedicated server
    Dedicated servers come with 10 Gbps 4MPPS protection included.
  • Free VPS server
    Your Cloud server will have 4MPPS/10GBPS UDP/TCP protection from ddos attacks.
  • Colocation
    Each colocated unit also protected from ddos with 4/10 protection.
  • Minecraft servers
    Minecraft same free server protection unless ordered in 'economy' mode without anti-ddos with a discount.
  • Camfrog room
    Camfrog rooms are currently out of stock due to full oversale of all possible network resources.
What is DDoS-attack?

Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS attack) considered any kind of attempt to overload a machine or network resource making it unavailable to its intended users. Most common, it is the efforts of one or several individuals to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.
The common consequences may vary from website overload ending up as equipment failure and data loss .
Technically Free DDoS Protection is a L4 transparent firewall & traffic analyzer that mitigates against all TCP, UDP and ICMP based attacks.

Free protection filters HTTP flood as well, however, if you mostly suffer from regular ddos attacks on your server, we advise you to get a strong ddos package for guaranteed instant attack mitigation.

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