Cloudcom launched Camfrog Room Hosting with Free DDOS Protection up to 30 gbps!



Cloudcom are proud to offer new ddos protected service - innovative Protected Camfrog Hosting platform. The technology developed by the company specifically for Camfrog Room Protection from DDOS attacks up to 30 gigabits per second was developed on the "Streaming-Ready" Cloudcom Network, which includes 1 gbps LAN ports, Full Redundancy, Free and Instant Setup, and many useful features such as Camfrog WebPanel. Besides the Free DDOS Protection, each Camfrog Server is based on the most powerful hardware and can handle from 40 up to 1000 Video Conference users at the same time. Protected Camfrog Hosting is a new product, exclusively developed by Cloudcom in order to mitiage the most DDOS attacks, that accur quite often due to high level of competition between the Camfrog Room owners. The Camfrog Server plans start at 24,- EUR per month Cloudcom welcome all Camfrog Server owners to get the best protected hosting service in Switzerland and explore the safest way to host your Camfrog room today.
发布时间: 2012年10月26日
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