Protected Server G10. Beyond imaginable capabilities of Dedicated Server.



The future of the Internet depends on the evolution of the power capabilities. Cloudcom Protected Hosting are introducing future capabilities of Protected Server solution and offering a New Protected Server: 4 Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processors, 16 Cores, 98GB RAM, 24TB HDD RAID, 10Gb/s Port, KVM over IP, IPMI and 15 TB of transfer included. DDoS protection is also included and free. It is capable to handle DDoS attacks up to 10Gb/s Simply G10 Server is the best possible Protected Server solution available on the hosting market today. The setup and installation is done within 1 hour and is absolutely free. Get your G10 Protected Server today and experience the true power of the future technologies.
发布时间: 2012年11月16日
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