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The new Cloud Server 7 day Trial is a great way to ensure the quality of Cloudcom's Protected Cloud Server platform. By trying our 7 day free Trial Cloud you can evaluate running own Cloud Server at Cloudcom network absolutely free of charge. Any interested person in protected cloud can be provided with a standard version of 'Cloud-V0' Protected Cloud Server and possibilities to ensure yourself of quality of Cloudcom's Protected Hosting: including all the amazing features such as OnApp mobile administration and complete server management such as reboot and software install features. Every protected cloud comes with a wide selection of Over 200 Templates of OS, including Jumpbox and, of course, Free DDoS Protection up to 10 Gbps. See our Protected Cloud or contact us via Skype to get more information: Enjoy a try of Cloudcom's Protected Cloud without any charges. Activate YOUR Free Protected Cloud Server now.
发布时间: 2012年12月4日
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