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享受在Cloudcom提供每一个托管服务器产品免费DDoS防护。 ...
发布时间: 2015年7月3日
购买前获取免费的VPS或云服务器1周的审判。 ...
发布时间: 2015年3月13日
根据内固定和守卫瑞士数据中心,每个专用服务器,虚拟专用服务器或云服务器是100%所有的DDoS攻击高达10 Gbps与DDoS攻击缓解高达500 Gbps的可能扩大担保。 Cloudcom已包括自动化的DDoS防护高达10 Gbps的免费服务。我们的安全网络已经证明了其稳定性和同时保护您的网站或服务的所有类型的攻击,包括UDP,TCP或基于DNS DDOS攻击,Cloudcom提供服务器硬件的最高水平可今天,英特尔提供了基于硬件和基于IP的KVM服务不收取额外费用。托管您的服务器,并保护它从Cloudcom所有类型的DDoS攻击,你可以感到安全有关的网络资源的可靠性。感谢您选择Cloudcom为您的多语种DDoS攻击受保护的托管服务提供商。 ...
发布时间: 2014年10月11日

我们的DDoS攻击受保护的主机现在提供的所有服务器上的折扣与代码TENOFF如果放在11月1日之前,您可以收到10%折扣的新秩序。此优惠可与较长期的合约使用,这样可以节省高达32%的折扣任何 DDoS攻击受保护的专用服务器由Cloudcom提供受保护的云服务器

您可以在Cloudcom受保护的托管辉煌DDoS防护和友好的实时客户服务。 ...
发布时间: 2013年10月26日
Free DDoS Protection. Is that possible?

With Cloudcom DDoS Protected Hosting it is not a question.
Offering free protection from ddos with every server or collocation unit.

Every ddos protected dedicated server comes with free protection from UDP/TCP attacks up to 10 Gbit/s or 4 million packets per second.

This perfectly balanced protection is also supplied with every colocation unit provided by Cloudcom in Zurich, DDoS Protected Minecraft server or Virtual Private Server (DDoS Protected VPS) or Cloud server.

Camfrog rooms are supplied with 10Gbit/s LAN ports and even stronger guaranteed DDoS protection up to 30Gbit/s. ...
发布时间: 2013年2月25日
Cloudcom have initiated a new discounted pricing for the dedicated and virtual servers. Now we offer both protected and unprotected servers, with various pricing, depending on the client choice. You can disable DDoS Protection for your server when placing your order and receive up to 40% lower price!
Over 3000 customers have chosen Cloudcom as their Protected Server platform. Cloudcom are hosting over 600 Dedicated Servers, 1300+ Virtual Private Servers and offering Collocation in Zurich to over 100 European companies including Russia.

Thank you for choosing Cloudcom Protected Hosting! ...
发布时间: 2013年2月18日
We are glad to inform you that you can save 15% per cloud server, 25% per dedicated server or any other hosting product until December 27th and 20% on server products until January 3rd. In order to receive a discount, you need to use the voucher codes, that were spread around the web, look into voucher websites in order to receive your discount up to 25%! Order your Protected Hosting product now and save!
发布时间: 2012年12月24日
The new Cloud Server 7 day Trial is a great way to ensure the quality of Cloudcom's Protected Cloud Server platform.

By trying our 7 day free Trial Cloud you can evaluate running own Cloud Server at Cloudcom network absolutely free of charge.

Any interested person in protected cloud can be provided with a standard version of 'Cloud-V0' Protected Cloud Server and possibilities to ensure yourself of quality of Cloudcom's Protected Hosting: including all the amazing features such as OnApp mobile administration and complete server management such as reboot and software install features. Every protected cloud comes with a wide selection of Over 200 Templates of OS, including Jumpbox and, of course, Free DDoS Protection up to 10 Gbps.

See our Protected Cloud or contact us via Skype to get more information:

Enjoy a try of Cloudcom's Protected Cloud without any charges.

Activate YOUR Free Protected Cloud Server now. ...
发布时间: 2012年12月4日
The future of the Internet depends on the evolution of the power capabilities.

Cloudcom Protected Hosting are introducing future capabilities of Protected Server solution and offering a New Protected Server:

4 Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processors, 16 Cores, 98GB RAM, 24TB HDD RAID, 10Gb/s Port, KVM over IP, IPMI and 15 TB of transfer included.

DDoS protection is also included and free. It is capable to handle DDoS attacks up to 10Gb/s

Simply G10 Server is the best possible Protected Server solution available on the hosting market today.

The setup and installation is done within 1 hour and is absolutely free.

Get your G10 Protected Server today and experience the true power of the future technologies.
发布时间: 2012年11月16日
Cloudcom are proud to offer new ddos protected service - innovative Protected Camfrog Hosting platform.

The technology developed by the company specifically for Camfrog Room Protection from DDOS attacks up to 30 gigabits per second was developed on the "Streaming-Ready" Cloudcom Network, which includes 1 gbps LAN ports, Full Redundancy, Free and Instant Setup, and many useful features such as Camfrog WebPanel.

Besides the Free DDOS Protection, each Camfrog Server is based on the most powerful hardware and can handle from 40 up to 1000 Video Conference users at the same time.

Protected Camfrog Hosting is a new product, exclusively developed by Cloudcom in order to mitiage the most DDOS attacks, that accur quite often due to high level of competition between the Camfrog Room owners.

The Camfrog Server plans start at 24,- EUR per month

Cloudcom welcome all Camfrog Server owners to get the best protected hosting service in Switzerland and explore the safest way to host your Camfrog room today.
发布时间: 2012年10月26日
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