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Based inside secured and guarded Swiss Datacenter, every Dedicated server, Virtual Private Server or Cloud Server is 100% secured from all DDoS attacks up to 10 gbps with possible expansion of DDoS attack mitigation up to 500 gbps. Cloudcom have included the automated DDoS protection up to 10 gbps as a complimentary service. Our secured network has proven its stability and while protecting your site or service from all types of attacks, including UDP, TCP or DNS based DDOS attacks, Cloudcom offer highest level of server hardware available today, offering Intel based Hardware and KVM over IP service for no extra charge. Hosting you server and protecting it from all types DDoS attacks at Cloudcom, you can feel safe about reliability of your web resource. Thank you for selecting Cloudcom as your multilingual DDoS Protected Hosting Provider.
Published on: October 11, 2014
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