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Cloudcom is a private company located in Barcelona, Spain with main data center situated in Zurich, Switzerland. Cloudcom offer a wide rage of hosting products and services such as Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Collocation and DDoS protection. Our primary profile is providing the highest quality web hosting services with carefully selected choice of hosting technologies oriented on customer needs and preferences.

One of our premium advantages is being a multi-lingual company, offering service to both English and Spanish-speaking customers. Along with combined knowledge about cultural differences, Cloudcom have an ability to provide high-class service based on personal client preferences.

With data center located in Zurich, geographical center of Europe, Cloudcom offer user-friendly, fast and reliable Europe-based hosting solutions with fastest setup and highest quality hardware available today. Enterprise-class solutions, multiple redundant connections, high-end hardware, and proven bandwidth providers enable us to achieve uptime that, in fact, exceeds 99.9% while guaranteeing minimal latency and impressive connection speeds all over the web. We help to put your web based infrastructure to a new level.

Cloudcom has been on a market for a significant amount of time to claim that our client gets the best service and customer satisfaction available on the market. Hosting is our main field of activity, but the customer relations and client's high evaluation of the service has always been our primary target. Cloudcom philosophy is Continuous Quality Improvement. Our team and our partners works hard to develop new solutions to exceed the most demanding customer needs.

Cloud Hosting is a rapidly growing industry that already today involves every innovative and progressive IT company due to the advantages that it carries, such as low-cost and ability of instant adapting for customer needs.

Along with the customer satisfaction, Cloudcom always aim to establish a long-term relationship with the buyer and believe that combination of low price, service available on-demand and a truly powerful technological platform will supply everything to make this relationship last long.

As Cloudcom services are constantly checked for quality assurance, choosing any of Cloudcom first class quality products perfectly guarantee an economical and rapid solution for your company.

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