DDoS Protection. Excellent on-site DDoS attack protection services.

Automated and manual ddos attack protecton from DDoS Protection Experts.

Network connectivity

Network connectivity

Low Latency Premium Multi-Homed bandwidth with 1 gbit/s LAN ports:

Our business can ensure you that the networks used by our clients are the most reliable and rapid network schemes available on the market. Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth provides necessary network redundancy at low latency. To improve the performance we use only 10 gbit/s LAN ports at all our servers.

Accurately built system ensures network connectivity. Cloudcom use components to make network fully redundant while using multiple connections within internal network to uplink providers in order to provide one more layer of safety to our infrastructure.

Any event receives attention and get solved automatically within short time. The automatic system is backed up by an experienced network engineer who will find solutions for the problem in a timely manner.

We collaborate only with Tier-1 Internet providers and for the client this means fast surfing at any part of the world. Over the years we used Cisco equipment and the brand proved its sustainability so that is why we prefer using Cisco routers and switches.


  • 99.99% Uptime of all equipment connected to our core network
  • Redundant high-end core routers by Cisco
  • Redundant IP-Transit upstream providers and peering partners
  • DDoS Protection and mitigation equipment on-site
  • 24/7 network attack monitor and wide range of anti-attack solutions
  • Platform that is ready to adapt for the future


  • Superb data center location
  • Own infrastructure
  • Innovative powerful equipment
  • Multi homed bandwidth 1 gbps LAN ports
  • Real-time customer backend
  • Instant resource upgrades
  • Custom DDOS attack protection
  • 24hr live assistance

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