Powerful Anti-DDoS Server Equipment.

Prompt Anti-DDoS setup and spacious possibilities.

Hardware Platform

Innovative and powerful equipment

Cloudcom realizes its service by using the latest equipment available on the market. The equipment we use meets the highest standards of efficiently and security available on the present day. Our customer can fully rely on our team: equipment obtained from us will deliver top performance today and will continue to do so with time passing by. Being able to show top-performance is our liability and that is why the premium goal is having latest equipment at our facilities.

Cloudcom DDoS Protected Hosting Platform

Data center rules and hosting quality control features:
  • Mandatory full checks of the equipment before the launch
  • SAN storage, routers, network switches and hypervisors
  • IPMI/ KVM with every dedicated server plus BIOS-level control
  • Fantastic load-balancing and high-availability
  • 24/7 anti-attack system
  • A-grade optical and copper connections
  • Connected directly via the network core
  • 100% Redundant multi-homed network
  • Verified premium upstream providers

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