Constantly innovating and improving servers and protection.

Ready protection for tomorrows ddos attacks.

Future ready platform

Future Ready Platform

We created a whole policy for the "Day of Tomorrow". In IT business changes happen very fast and we are ready for them. Our company is designed to be ready to fulfill your needs now, tomorrow no matter how the whole world will change, we are ready to change with it.

Administration policy, innovative security measures and efficient management eliminate possible risks.
Your serenity is always our priority. We have built our system in a special, very careful way so that all the potential problems would be avoided before they actually happen and our experience helps us in this a lot.

KVM and IPMI with each server.

The System of Remote Management enables monitoring and rapid problem solution by a server administrator.

24-7 Professional Support Team.

All your questions and inquiries will be attended by a highly qualified professionals in a very short time not depending on the complexity of your question.

On-Site VPN.

This feature ensures our customer of 100% information disclosure and completely eliminates possible leaks of data during the transmission.

Backup Power Supply.

We guarantee that our facilities will be online now matter how long they stay without electricity due to our system of UPS backup power supply.

RAID options available.

RAID systems provides multiple storage functions and higher reliability through redundancy and we can offer your company several options on it.

Backup Facility as a built-in option.

Having your information secured is of crucial importance in IT business. We provide a free of charge backup system for every client.

Free OS without setup fees.

Optimal server performance is provided by the correct OS installation. Our staff will install a wide variety of software needed absolutely free of charge.

System of discounts.

Discounts are always individual and depend on the order specifications, e.g. terms or volume. We can consult you about all the options available with your order and please feel free to ask!

High-level Data Protection.

Customer security is our another main feature. Located in Zurich, Switzerland, all your data, saved on our Servers, is protected by Swiss laws and regulations and this means that you can feel completely secured.

Instant real-time resource upgrades.

According to our philosophy a waste of time means a loss of opportunities and, of course, money. That is the reason that we are offering you an ability to down- or upgrade your equipment setup any moment you want. This will help you in reacting upon rapid changes of the modern world effectively and avoid unnecessary losses.

Live 24hr Customer Service.

All your questions and inquiries will be attended by a highly qualified professionals in a very short time not depending on the complexity of your question. We want to create as much comfort possible for the client and we guarantee that you will be attended in a very quick way by our experts and will make you forget about the issue.

DDoS Protected Hosting Platform.

Cloudcom realizes its service by using the latest equipment available on the market. The equipment we use meets the highest standards of efficiency and security available on the present day. Our customer can fully rely on our team: server equipment that Cloudcom offer will deliver low latency and high availability performance today and will work flawlessly for years with a significant improvement of revenue and development results for your business.

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