Promising the highest quality hosting and customer service.

Solid business guarantees

Business Safety Guarantee

Cloudcom stands behind every word: we are confident of your satisfaction and give guarantee that your IT business will be protected from any imaginable risks.

Exceptional level of service is our priority and, of course, this includes impeccable performance of every network component. Our crew maintains our infrastructure and consistently improves it to reach the highest standards that guarantee Uptime of 99,9%.

Cloudcom is determined to provide you with the most modern and high-class equipment available on the present day and create a personal solution according to your order.

Physically your equipment will be protected at our secured facilities equipped with 24/7 multiple security camera system and access control to every separate block of our installations.

Power supply is provided for each and every piece of equipment separately. DDoS protection is available upon request.

Cloudcom is an official partner of Solarcom GmbH - Swiss based company with all facilities based within Switzerland. Strict Swiss privacy laws guard your data at Dedicated and Cloud servers. You can be sure that your privacy is protected is the most efficient manner.

We offer perfect environment for you IT solution.

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